No matter where you’re at in the startup journey, it’s always a good time to get connected to our community of entrepreneurs. For those looking for more concrete resources, we’re also a great place to start. Our network can help with mentoring, loans, and gap financing, and can also connect you with relevant training to help you develop your business.

Funding a startup can be one of the greatest challenges an entrepreneur faces. Here are a few ways we help.


E-Community  Loans

Provides a low interest loan of up to $45,000 to entrepreneurs wishing to start, purchase, or expand a business in Reno County.


These funds are made possible through the Network Kansas Entrepreneurship Community. 

Before you apply, contact StartUp Hutch.  


E-Community Loan Guidelines

Who Qualifies? 

  • Anyone wishing to start, purchase or expand a for-profit business in Reno County. 

Use of Funds: ​

  • Purchase of business equipment

  • Purchase of business inventory

  • Purchase of real estate

  • Working capital

  • Existing inventory

  • Purchase of a business


  • No application fee

  • Closing fees only for actual

    cost of applicable collateral notice


  • Terms to be determined

  • No penalty for early repayment

Loan Funds May Not Be Used For:

  • Paying off or refinancing existing debt

  • Salary or owner’s draw

  • Payroll taxes

  • Personal vehicle

  • Building renovation not tied to

    a specific business

Businesses That Do Not Qualify:

  • Non-profit organizations

  • Academic institutions

  • Gambling concerns

  • Floor planning concerns (i.e.

    wholesale auto inventory financing)

  • Speculative concerns

  • Lending or investment institutions

  • Multilevel marketing or pyramid sales

Applicants Who are Not Eligible:

  • Convicted of felony offense

  • Past due on school loans

  • Past due on child support payments


How to Find Funding for Your Business  

With Daniel Friesen 

Daniel Friesen, Founder and Chief Innovation Officer at IdeaTek, knows how hard it can be to find funding for your startup business. Daniel Shares some helpful tips to help you navigate one of the most complex components of entrepreneurship. 

Advice on Avoiding Construction and Code Issues  

With Jon Richardson 

Jon Richardson shares his years of construction and code knowledge with our entrepreneur community. His main advice: communicate early and often. Jon is a co-owner of Richardson Brosthers Construction, Inc., and a member of the Hutchinson Planning Commission



How To Videos