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How Would You Spend $17 Million in Reno County?

Your input is needed!

If you could offer your suggestions to local governments on how to invest federal money from the American Rescue Plan Act, what would you tell them? What community problems would you address? What inequities would you seek to resolve? Well, now is your chance to weigh in!

A task force of representatives serving Reno County has set an audacious goal of convening 60 facilitated community listening sessions by Sept. 30 to hear from Reno County residents about what is most important to them as our local officials decide how to allocate the $17-plus million arriving in Reno County from the American Rescue Plan Act. Participants will focus on the challenges and inequities families have faced during the pandemic and offer their ideas for how officials may allocate ARP dollars in accordance with the U.S. Treasury’s broadly defined spending areas: equity-focused services; broadband infrastructure; support pay for essential workers; addressing negative economic impacts; water and sewer infrastructure; replacing public sector revenue loss; and supporting public health response efforts.

The task force wants to hear from as many people across Reno County as possible, so if you would like to gather a group of your friends, neighbors, peers, colleagues, church groups and community partners to participate in a listening session, go to to convene a meeting or to learn more!

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