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Know Your Location to Reach Your Destination

​We’ve got all the resources and connections you need to take the next step on your startup journey. But first, it may be helpful to determine where you’re currently at. We’ve created this map to help you understand where you are on the journey, and the steps it will take to get where you’re going.  ​

StartUp Journey.jpg

How to Engage with StartUp Hutch:

​After you’ve identified where you’re at on The StartUp Journey, check out some of the tools and resources available to you through our entrepreneur network. ​


Need a navigator on your journey?
We have one!


Business JumpStart

When you’re ready to make your business official, StartUp Hutch can help. Through our Business JumpStart program, you can meet with an accountant cost-free to review your financial projections and learn about which kind of business entity will be most advantageous for your situation.


Then you have the option to add on consultation with an attorney to develop the paperwork needed to officially become a business. This process will transform your business idea into a real business entity, registered with the state, with the paperwork to open bank accounts and start operating.


The Right Resources, All Right Here

No matter your business’ challenge, our community of entrepreneurs is here to provide guidance along the way. Whether it's finding the right funding, or help with business planning, we have your connections! And remember, you’re never alone in your startup journey. Reach out to Jackson Swearer, Entrepreneur Navigator and Program Director, with any questions along the way.  ​

Below you’ll find a curated collection of links to local, state and national resources, as well as general information. We’re always looking to update and improve our resource library, so let us know if you have any additions.  ​


How To Videos

Get answers from those who walk the talk through this informative and inspiring video collection. Have an idea for a how-to video? Let us know!

Resource Videos

Advice on Construction and Avoiding Code Issues

With Jon Richardson

​Jon is a co-owner of Richardson Brothers Construction, Inc., and a member of the Hutchinson Planning Commission. His main advice: communicate early and often.​

How to Find Funding for Your Business

With Daniel Friesen 

Daniel Friesen, Founder and Chief Innovation Officer at IdeaTek, knows how hard it can be to find funding for your start-up business. Daniel shares some helpful tips to help you navigate one of the most complex components of entrepreneurship.​

Marketing your StartUp Business

With Lori Bower

Before you spend any time, money, or energy on "random acts of marketing" always start with a plan. Lori is the President of BowerComm, a Hutchinson-based strategic marketing agency. 

Choosing the Right E-Commerce Platform

With Pippin Williamson

Pippin is the owner and operator of Sand Hills Brewing, but got his start as an entrepreneur at Sand Hills Development, where he specialized in e-commerce and marketing tools.​

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