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Salt City Foods Secures Financing to Acquire Helmuth Bakery with Assistance from StartUp Hutch

Salt City Foods, owned by Eric Beachy, has signed a loan agreement to acquire Helmuth Bakery, a local business in Hutchinson.

StartUp Hutch played a pivotal role in preparing Eric for this endeavor through its Entrepreneurship Business Basics (EBB) JUMP program. This 12-week intensive course equips aspiring entrepreneurs with the knowledge and skills needed to start and manage a business. Eric's participation in the program provided him with valuable insights and coaching, preparing him for the process of acquiring Helmuth Bakery.

"We're proud to support entrepreneurs like Eric Beachy through the entire entrepreneurial journey," said Jackson Swearer, Executive Director at StartUp Hutch. "His dedication, combined with the experience gained through our EBB JUMP program, exemplifies the spirit of entrepreneurship we aim to foster in our community."

Eric Beachy brings a wealth of experience to this new venture. With a family background in food manufacturing and distribution, as well as a bachelor’s degree in food & nutrition with a minor in Business Administration, Eric has spent years honing his skills in food safety, regulatory compliance, product labeling, and new product innovation.

"I am grateful for the support and guidance provided by StartUp Hutch throughout this process," said Eric Beachy, owner of Salt City Foods. "Their EBB JUMP program equipped me with the skills and knowledge needed to embark on this venture. I am eager to apply my experience and passion to continue the legacy of Helmuth Bakery in our community."

The loan facilitated by StartUp Hutch and financed by First National Bank of Hutchinson and an E-community loan provided through NetWork Kansas, totals $210,850.00.

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