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StartUp Hutch looking to help businesses buck failure trend

HUTCHINSON, Kan. — According to analysis from LendingTree, Kansas is the #3 state for the highest percentage of businesses failing in their first year with 23.2% of businesses failing. Here in Hutchinson, StartUp Hutch is around to help businesses get in a position to succeed.

"The most important thing is, they need to have a plan," said Jackson Swearer with StartUp Hutch. "They need to have a business plan. That sounds like a cliche thing. The reality is that a lot of people jump off the cliff and get started and they don't really have a clear roadmap for what they are trying to do. They just start. That's okay if you want to try some experiments, but if you start getting some expenses and you don't have a clear plan for how you're going to generate enough revenue to cover those, that's setting you up for failure."

Read the full story from Hutch Post here.

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