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StartUp Hutch Announces Winner of the Pitch Competition 

Over the last 12-weeks StartUp Hutch has been working with 13 local entrepreneurs to help them take their business concepts from the ideation phase to the launch phase through the JUMP program by Entrepreneur Business Basics (EBB). 

On June 6th, the last day of the course, a pitch contest was held at Stringer Fine Arts Center on the Hutchinson Community College campus. Each participant presented their business plan for a chance to win $1,000 towards making their business a reality. The winner of this competition was Becky Spencer with Grounds for Grace Coffee Shop. 

“Our dream is to move our Grand Staff Thrift Boutique, from Buhler to Hutchinson and put the coffee shop inside the same building,” said Spencer. “Proceeds will help us continue to rescue abandoned, orphaned, and vulnerable children in eSwatini, Africa. Besides selling fantastic coffee, we'll also serve breakfast, appetizers, lunch, and desserts in a friendly environment with great service and plenty of charging ports.” 

JUMP© is a 12-week program designed for unlikely entrepreneurs looking to start their own business. This program is sponsored by StartUp Hutch, the Hutchinson Human Relations Commission, the Hutchinson/Reno County Chamber of Commerce, and NetWork Kansas. 

For more information on StartUp Hutch resources, or to join their community of entrepreneurs and business owners, visit or contact Jackson Swearer at 620-665-3319. 

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